The Benefits of Buying a Halogen Oven

Thousands of domestic and commercial kitchens across the UK now feature a halogen oven, a state-of-the-art cooking device which has transformed the way many people go about preparing their meals.
Whether you a student living in a flat, an elderly couple who no longer wish to use a conventional cooker or a family who want to serve up meals in mega-quick time, a halogen oven has plenty of benefits to offer you.
Anyone with access to an electrical outlet can benefit from using a halogen oven - so that means they can even be used in caravans and tents with a power hook up, dorms, small flats, holiday apartments and office kitchens - you could even use one in a yurt! 
A halogen-powered oven can do the same job as a normal oven like browning food, with the speed of a microwave - the perfect combination!
Halogens use a powerful circular filament inside a glass tube, which is filled with inert halogen gas - that’s why it cooks more like a conventional oven and not a microwave. 
The lamp inside these ovens powers up to create an instant and intense heat. And this in turn cooks your food just like a normal oven, but with a lot more benefits.
These compact ovens offer significant benefits when it comes to healthy eating due to the fact they don't require the addition of oil or fat during the cooking process. Excess fats and oils are drawn out of food and drained to the base of the unit. In addition, you can cook heart-healthy food with minimal or no oil.
Another great benefit is the fact there is no pre-heating or thawing needed when you begin cooking - just place your food in the halogen oven and away you go! You can also cook most foods from frozen including pizzas, pies and meat joints.
Roasting, grilling. broiling, steam boiling or baking is carried out very evenly to deliver very impressive results. Halogen ovens are also great for reheating left over foods. 
Safety is also to the fore with the design of halogen ovens, and most come with an automatic kill switch feature which is triggered when you open the lid.
As you can see - there's no shortage of benefits to owning a halogen oven - let's just list a few of them so you can see easily see some on the key advantages to these marvellous mini infra red cookers. 

  • Cooks up to 50% faster than most conventional ovens 
  • No defrosting - most frozen foods can be cooked straight out of your freezer
  • Saves up to 75% more energy than most standard ovens - so you can cut down on your electric bills due to lower running costs
  • A really healthy way to cook - food you would normally fry comes out tasting great ... without the oil. 
  • Easily transported to locations where there is a mains socket such as caravans, holiday apartments and outdoor barbecue areas
  • Much easier and quicker to clean than a conventional oven - many halogen ovens have a self-cleaning feature
  • Doesn't make a kitchen hot and stuffy in the summer months like a standard oven does
  • Variable temperature meaning you are less likely to overcook or burn food
  • Fast cooking means they free up your time for other activities
  • Nearly all the nutrients and flavour of food is retained in this type of oven
  • The transparent glass container lets you monitor progress as your food cooks 
  • Very handy to use as an extra oven when holding a dinner party at home
  • It's not necessary to add additional fats or oils when cooking. Fats arising from food during cooking is drained away
  • Ideal for single people living alone or students in university accommodation
  • Light, compact and easy to store away when easily when not in use
  • You can take oven's glass bowl straight to the table at meal time for serving 
  • Takes up very little room on kitchen worktops and other surfaces
  • One pot cooking for your convenience
  • No hot or cold spots - unlike those experienced in microwave cooking
  • The inside of your food cooks to perfection and there is no burning on the outside
  • Juices are sealed in to enhance the natural flavour of foods
  • No smoke or odours from these ovens, and no added heat in your kitchen