Halogen Oven Accessories

There are plenty of accessories available to buy which can help you get the best out of a halogen oven. Admittedly a standard halogen oven - and the basic essential accessories which come with it - are all you need to get going, including low and high metal racks - but after a while you may wish to purchase a few extras to advance your halogen oven cooking skills further.
You'll find all the main accessories here including metal extender rings, frying ring attachments, lid holders, steamer and baking trays, full English breakfast rack, rotisserie racks, skewer drums, toast rack, baking pan, rice steamer dish, bread rack and halogen oven gloves.
An oven accessory kit is an excellent choice as it comprises a set of extras at a great price, often cheaper than buying each accessory individually. For example, the Andrew James Halogen Oven Accessories Set costs under £10 and features an extender ring to increase oven capacity by five litres, a non-stick steamer tray, a non-stick baking tray and four metal skewers for creating meat, fish and veg kebabs. 
We also feature various replacement oven parts including halogen oven bulbs and temperature control thermostats.