Halogen Ovens with Hinged Lid

A hinged lid is top of the list of priorities for many people buying a halogen oven - and it's easy to see why they view this as a must-have feature when it comes to convenience, ease of use and general safety.
Many halogen ovens come with a detachable lid, which means it's necessary to place it nearby on your kitchen worktop when you are checking on the progress of a meal or even when the meal is ready to eat.
Obviously it's unwise to place a hot lid on the exposed surface of your worktop or you could mark or damage it - therefore the only options are to place the lid on something heatproof, such as a glass worktop saver, or to buy a dedicated halogen oven lid stand.
The majority of halogen ovens have a detachable lid, but we've tracked down the limited number of models that feature a hinged lid - these are usually more expensive than standard halogen ovens with a removable lid, but many people consider it's worth paying extra for this handy additional feature.


Admittedly holders and lid stands for these halogen-powered oven are fairly cheap to buy, costing around £5, but for many people having to rest your oven's heavy detachable lid on one of these stands on a regular basis seems like unnecessary extra hassle.
It's undoubtedly much easier to be able to raise and lower a hinged lid when required during the cooking process. Simply push the lid release button or lever and the attached lid wll rise up to allow you to inspect or remove the meal you are preparing inside the oven.
Among the best-selling hinged lid ovens is the Cookshop 12 litre device Halogen Oven which also comes with a five litre extender ring, high and low metal racks. baking and grilling steaming trays and a set of tongs.
Another very popular choice in the UK is the Andrew James 12 Litre 1400W Digital Halogen Oven Cooker With Hinged Lid. This is available in white or black and usually comes with a full accessories pack which includes a spare bulb, extender ring, baking and steamer trays, tongs, and two racks. It also has a two year warranty for peace of mind and a self-cleaning function.
This device will keep fans of the hinged lid oven completely happy - this is most definitely the case in homes where there may be young children around who could injure themselves if they touched a detached hot lid on a standard oven which was left around in the kitchen. This safety issue is definitely worth bearing in mind.
The detachable lids on many halogen ovens are actually heavier than they look because they house the electronic controls, heater and fan - so not having to regularly remove a weighty and cumbersome lid is another factor which definitely appeals to lovers of halogen ovens with a hinged lid.