Halogen Ovens under £30  

There are some great deals to be found in the budget range of halogen ovens costing under £30 - many even come with a range of accessories included to allow you to really throw yourself into the halogen cooking experience.
Among the brand names featured in this very affordable price bracket are Popamazing, VonShef, Sentik, Chinkyboo, Oypla and Quest.
Most of these cheaper ovens come with a seven or 12-litre capacity cooking bowl, although there are a few which include an extender ring, allowing you to increase your cooking space capacity to an impressive 17 litres.
These units have everything you need to get going in the world or halogen oven cooking and some even have the useful self-cleaning feature found on many devices these days.
These low price ovens are very capable of meeting all your frying, boiling, stewing, grilling, roasting, searing, baking and broiling needs - and all carried out much more quickly and economically than a conventional kitchen oven. 


Having a self-cleaning feature on an oven is a real bonus as it frees up time for you that would normally be taken up setting to work with a scouring brush and soapy water. To activate self-cleaning you need to add around 12mm of cold water and a bit of washing up liquid to the glass bowl after you have initially scraped out large pieces of food and fat after cooking a meal. Then you just set the temperature control on the unit lid and the oven will heat up and the water will circulate around the bowl and clean it.

Halogen ovens are really excellent devices for preparing healthy and tasty meals for individuals living alone or families. They are ideal for preparing quick and scrumptious cooked snacks for adults and kids, as well as full nutritious meals suitable for a whole family.

These compact and versatile units are easy to store away when not in use and they can certainly help you cut down on your electricity bills as they are much cheaper to run than a standard oven.