A Halogen Oven is a Real Super Saver!

A halogen oven ticks all the right boxes when it comes to energy saving - and that's good news in this day and age when we are becoming more and more conscious of the need to be environmentally-friendly.

These ovens heat up instantly, unlike many cookers and hobs which take some pre-heating time to get to the correct temperature for cooking.

The fact that a halogen oven use a lot less energy and cooks much faster than traditional ovens has got to be a big plus in anyone's books.

The average household oven uses around 2400 watts when it is operating on medium heat and it can run a power-guzzling 3,000-plus watt on its highest temperature setting. In comparison, a standard halogen oven will operate at a much lower level of around 1300 watts.

And let's not forget about the savings when it comes to those dreaded electricity bills - it doesn't take a genius to realise a halogen cooker is going to save you quite a bit of cash.

It is suggested that around 20 per cent of total energy usage in the average home is swallowed up on kitchen appliances and gadgets - so anything that can keep your bills down when it comes to cooking has got to be worthwhile.

The time saving from using a halogen cooker, coupled with reduced energy costs really is a winner in anyone's books! Energy-saving halogen oven are good for the planet as well as your pocket!

These wonderful cooking units are so versatile, they have just about every type of cooking covered - roasting, steaming, toasting, defrosting, baking, re-heating, broiling and frying. They really are incredible multi-functional mini kitchen appliances.

They are also brilliant at retaining nutrients and the flavour of food - this means the quality of cooking isn't compromised in any shape or form and your food is healthier, tasty and cheaper to cook.  

These cookers can also save you time when it comes to washing the dishes - you won't need to use all you usual pots and pans as you can add all the elements of your meal to your halogen oven - that even includes your traditional Sunday roast where you can cook the meat and vegetables at the same time in the one device. 

You'll save on hot water at dish washing time and if you own a dishwasher it won't be loaded up with all those pots and pans you need when using a conventional cooker.

Many models of halogen oven have a self-cleaning feature which is better still - you don't need even need to wash the cooker's glass bowl in the sink.

The speed at which halogen ovens can prepare a meal is seriously impressive. This is all down to the large, powerful bulb which cooks the food through the production of intense infrared heat waves. The powerful internal fan inside the unit circulates the heat produced very efficiently, ensuring your food is cooked in super quick time.

This form of cooking is a direct heat method, meaning no warm up time is required as there are no elements to pre-heat before cooking begins. 

As you can see, a halogen oven is a real super saver when it comes to energy, time and cash!