Halogen Ovens-  £30 to £50  

It's not surprising halogen ovens are all the rage in the UK - they really are amazing multi-tasking devices for a variety of cooking methods including frying, grilling, toasting, grilling, poaching, sautéing, stewing and roasting.
There are some very impressive ovens in this mid-price range of £30 to £50 so you should be able to find a device that's perfect for your needs.
With constantly-rising electricity costs in the UK more and more people are opting to buy a halogen oven to keep cooking costs down and also to prepare super-tasty meals in mega-quick time.
You're spoilt for choice in this price range with several top quality 12 and 17 litre capacity offerings from many leading brand names including Andrew James, Swan, electricQ, VonShef, Elgento, Russell Hobbs and VisiCook.
Most of these ovens come with a re-assuring two year warranty and a host of accessories and built-in features including a 60-minute timer, safety lock, self-clean option and LED display. 


The appeal of table-top halogen ovens is obvious - they are compact, ultra-efficient and can prepare meals which are much healthier than those cooked in several other traditional devices such as the humble chip pan.

Speed is a real benefit with a halogen mini cooker - they really can cook around two to three times faster than a conventional oven, and usually with a fraction of the hassle. 

A full chicken, for example, would take around 90 minutes to cook in a standard oven - but it can be ready to serve in around half an hour if cooked in a halogen oven.

And let's not forget how a halogen oven, equipped with a self-clean feature, can free up time to get on with other tasks in your kitchen, instead of having clean everything by hand after cooking a meal.

Switching to a halogen oven is a really smart choice for single people living alone who don't want the expense of using a full-size conventional oven. These halogen-powered mini ovens can also be used as an efficient supplementary cooking unit to operate alongside your conventional oven when preparing a big meal for your family.