Halogen Ovens Over £50  

The halogen ovens in this deluxe price range are the jewels in the crown when it comes to top quality mini cookers that really deliver the goods!
Leading brands featured in this top-of-the-range category include Andrew James, JML, VonShef Premium, Visicook, Cookshop and Ovation.
These are the perfect ovens for anyone who has owned a budget over previously and is looking to move up to something with a bit more sophisticated and powerful like the JML Halowave Deluxe Aircooker Oven. You can read more about this superb oven below.
Halogen ovens have never been more popular and these deluxe models will deliver excellent results when it comes to roasting, grilling, frying, boiling, stewing and many more cooking methods - all accomplished without the drips, spills and mess you often encounter when using a conventional hob or oven to prepare your meals at home. 


The JML Black Halowave Deluxe Aircooker Oven is a little beauty which will set you back around £100 but it comes with a host of accessories and an impressive rotisserie function for preparing evenly-roasted meat joints, self-basted kebabs, whole chickens and many other culinary delights.

The comprehensive pack of useful accessories, which would cost a pretty penny if bought individually, includes an oil sprayer, steak rack, skewer drum, roasting pan, tongs, cooking forks, air frying basket, a basket hook and stand and a recipe guide.

The oil sprayer is an excellent accessory which coats the food in the unit's glass bowl in a very fine mist of oil, to ensure it's cooked to perfection.

This awesome unit has a timer like most other halogen oven, but this model even has an innovative delay function which allows the device to kick into action and prepare a meal, even when you are away from home. Now that's impressive!

Andrew James is a name you can trusty when it comes to halogen ovens and the company has several products in this price range. The Andrew James 1400W oven with hinged lid, for example, is a real winner when it comes to dependability, style and quality. Many halogen ovens have a 60-minute timer but this unit has a two-hour timer and a temperature gauge that goes as high as 250°C. 

It has a self-clean feature, a two year warranty for peace of mind and comes with a range of handy accessories to help you take your halogen cooking skills to greater heights.

The Team VisiCook AirChef Mini Halogen Oven is another model that's worth taking a look at - it has a smaller cooking capacity than some ovens, with its 10-litre glass bowl, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in features and efficiency. 

This 1300w mini marvel features double cell construction which means the exterior stays cool - this is not the case with many other halogen oven bowls which get very hot on the exterior. The bowl in this stylish oven is completely encased in a robust outer unit, meaning the outside is cool to the touch.

This is a very economical unit and is ideal for single people or couples - a larger capacity oven would probably be a better choice if you are cooking for a family.

You'll never look back after investing in one of these luxury devices which can prepare hundreds of tasty meals in extra quick time - in fact, they are quite capable of changing the way you choose to cook for years to come.